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Deluxe No-Sew Home Decor, Multi-Style Window Valance Kit, Rod Pocket

Deluxe No-Sew Home Decor, Multi-Style Window Valance Kit, Rod Pocket

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This incredible multi-style deluxe no-sew home decorating kit includes everything from cornices, lambrequins, pleated and gathered swags, to unique scarf & blossom valance styles plus no-sew table decorating! Easily create beautiful custom valances without sewing! No-sew home decor kit is reusable for unlimited DIY home decorating. Fit all window sizes and styles including bay windows. This Deluxe DIY home decorating kit includes everything you need to turn your home into a designer showplace without sewing!

Easy-to-use no-sew valance Design Forms help you create perfectly shaped valances edges that look professionally made. Adjustable valance panels eliminate the need for tedious precise measuring. Simply adjust panels on a curtain rod for a perfect custom fit! Hang valance panels using standard curtain rods, no foam board, Styrofoam, wood, or any other base needed. 

This deluxe no-sew home decor kit includes cornice, lambrequin, scarf & blossom, and pleated and gathered swag curtain valance Design Forms. Make stunning dial-fabric cornice styles by simply sliding the valance Design Form to the insert panel sizing line to trace a fusible fabric insert. Make elegant lambrequin valances to frame your windows, create beautiful dual-fabric pleated swags, unique flower blossom valances, and combination swag-scarf styles, all without sewing. All Traceable Designer no-sew valance are fully lined and look professionally designed!

Traceable Designer no-sew valance Design Forms make custom decorating a breeze! Select the perfect fabric to match your decor then follow the easy step-by-step video tutorials on 

Traceable Designer Deluxe No-Sew Master Decorator Kit also includes matching table accent Design Forms. Make custom valances then create matching scalloped, arched, straight, or V-shape table runners, placemats, centerpiece mats, and dresser scarves without sewing. Fit any table size or shape.


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