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Traceable Designer no-sew cornice valance kits are easy to use and designed to inspire! Patented no-sew valance forms are perfect for both the beginner and the experienced decorator. Simply slide the design form to the desired size, then trace, cut out, iron on trim, and hang using a standard curtain rod. No foam board, wood, or any other base needed!

Traceable Designer easy no-sew valance kit. Easy slide and trace sizing, just trace, cut out and hang!

Discover the easy solution for custom decorating without sewing! No DIY experience needed. Take home decorating to a new level with Traceable Designer no-sew valance kits.

Available in 5 unique valance kit styles:

  1. Cornice-Valance Kit includes scalloped, arched, and straight styles. Hang using a wide pocket rod with Velcro, no Styrofoam, wood or any other base needed. 
  2. Lambrequin Valance Kit includes scalloped, arched, and straight styles. Make stunning lambrequin valances to frame open-style windows. Side and center panels are easy to adjust for length and width. Hang lambrequins using a standard curtain rod.
  3. Swag Valance Kit includes interchangeable pleated and gathered valance panels that make custom sizing a breeze! Hang using a 1" metal curtain rod. 
  4. Swag-Scarf & Blossom Kit includes a traditional swag base valance with unique custom scarf or tulip connecters and a unique wildflower cornice valance featuring easy-to-assemble petal inserts. Hang using standard curtain rods. 
  5. No-Sew Master Decorator Kit includes all 4 Traceable Designer home decor kits in one deluxe package. Everything you need to turn your home into a designer showplace without sewing!
  6. No-Sew Table Decorating Kit includes 4 table accent design styles to match Traceable Designer valance styles. Make table runners or dresser scarves to fit any table length. Make stunning artistic table centerpiece mats and add placemats to complete your no-sew table design. 
I am confident that you will love using my no-sew home decor kits and wish you a fun and rewarding DIY experience!
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