Children's DIY Valance Kits, No-Sew Fabric Puzzles!

Create adorable children's window valances and wall decorations without sewing! Traceable Designer no-sew fabric puzzle kits make it possible for anyone to make unique and memorable nursery and children's bedroom decor. Each style-specific kit includes a reusable valance Design Form used to create valance panels along with traceable Style Forms for creating patches that assemble like a puzzle. No sewing, DIY or design skill needed. Simply trace around the edges of the valance Design Form and cut out the valance panel. Then trace, cut out, assemble and iron on designs!

Each style-specific kit includes compatible valance designs. Use valance designs on separate windows or link together to fit long windows. Center panels can also be used as tapestry-style wall accents. Most kits also include Style Forms used to create coordinating mini wall decorations. Use on the wall or fuse to pillows, clothing hampers and more!