No-Sew Cornice-Valance Kit

Make professional-looking cornice-style valances without sewing! This reusable no-sew valance kit is a must-have tool for the DIY home decorator. Cornice-valance kit includes three different traceable valance design forms used to create scalloped, arched and straight valance styles without sewing! Fit all window sizes and any decor style.
Our reusable, transparent, no-sew valance design forms help you to easily create beautiful cornice-style valances that look professionally designed.
  • Easy-to-use slide and trace valance design forms.
  • No sewing skill, design skill or DIY experience needed.
  • Reusable for unlimited decorating.
  • Fit any window size, configuration or design style.
  • Hang using Velcro and a standard 2-1/2" wide pocket curtain rod - No foam board or any other base needed!
  • No sagging or design limitations!
  • Fully-lined crisp valance panels provide the look of a cornice without the need for a board.
  • Style-specific video tutorials located on