No-Sew Lambrequin Valance Kit

Traceable Designer lambrequin valance kit includes scalloped, arched, and straight no-sew valance design form styles in one reusable kit. Similar to a cornice, lambrequin styles feature long adjustable side panels that provide a beautiful fabric frame to enhance windows. Patented design forms offer an easy way to create custom lambrequin valances without sewing! Fit any window size or style.

Each carefully crafted Lambrequin cornice valance style offers unique window design options. 

No-Sew Lambrequin valances are easy to make: Select fabric to match your decor then use the included fusible fabric backing to add lining to your fabric section. Position the no-sew lambrequin valance design form over the prepared fabric section then trace around the edges. Cut out panels, iron on trim, and make easy no-sew rod hanging pockets. Easily slip completed panels on a standard metal curtain rod to hang. No foam board, wood, or any other base needed. The completed valance panels will be stiff, crisp, and look professionally designed.