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Traceable Designer

Straight Lambrequin Window Valance Kit, No-Sew Home Decor, Rod Pocket

Straight Lambrequin Window Valance Kit, No-Sew Home Decor, Rod Pocket

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Unique Valance Design - Straight Style Lambrequin

The Traceable Designer Straight Lambrequin valance kit includes traceable no-sew valance Design Forms used to make impressive custom lambrequin valances without sewing. Create beautiful cornice-style lambrequin valance panels using traceable Design Forms, an iron, a pencil, and scissors!

The Traceable DesigneLambrequin valance is similar to the cornice-valance design. The long sides of the lambrequin make a beautiful fabric frame for plain or open-style windows. Create any number of center panels to fit your window size and easily adjust side panels to add or remove length. Create short side panels for a traditional cornice design, or add length to cover the window frame creating a full-lengh lambrequin design style.

Easy-to-use lambrequin Design Forms are reusable for unlimited no-sew decorating, semi-transparent for perfect fabric print alignment, and adjustable to fit any window size or style including bay windows.

No-Sew Straight Lambrequin valances are easy to make: Select fabric to match your decor then use the included fusible fabric backing to add lining to your fabric section. Position the no-sew lambrequin valance Design Form over the prepared fabric section then trace around the edges. Cut out panels and make easy no-sew rod hanging pockets. Add no-sew edge trim and hang using a standard 1" metal curtain rod.

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