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Scalloped Window Valance Kit, No-Sew Home Decor, Rod Pocket

Scalloped Window Valance Kit, No-Sew Home Decor, Rod Pocket

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Make Beautiful Custom Scalloped Valances Without Sewing!

Traceable Designer scalloped style no-sew home decorating kit includes easy-to-use traceable valance and table decorating Design Forms. These revolutionary, traceable, no-sew Design Forms help you make custom scalloped cornice-style window valances and matching table runners, placemats, centerpiece mats, and dresser scarves that look professionally designed!

Create impressive perfectly shaped scalloped valances without sewing. Make any number of overlapping valance panels to fit any window size. No sewing or DIY experience needed. Fully lined crisp cornice-style valances are created using our traceable valance Design Form, an iron, a pencil, and scissors! Hang completed valance panels using a standard 2.5" wide pocket curtain rod. No need to construct a wood valance box, glue Styrofoam, or assemble foam board!

Traceable Designer DIY valance and table accent Design Forms are reusable for unlimited no-sew home decorating! *Follow the step-by-step video tutorials on YouTube to make your no-sew valances and matching table accents.

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